Friday 21 september



09.00 – 09.30:

Introduction Conference Écrits (Stijn Vanheule, Ghent University)



09.30 -10.30:

Keynote Dany Nobus (Brunel University)

Lacan with Sade: On Writing as Object of Desire

Chair: Stijn Vanheule (Ghent University)


10.30 – 11.00:

Coffee break


11.00 – 12.30:

Parallel sessions (5 rooms – 3 papers/20 min + discussion)




Mostafa Fani

Bart Rabaey (Private Practice, Belgium)

The Subject and the Lie: From méconnaissance to mensonge


Constance De Meulder (Private Practice, Belgium)

The Subject and the Lie: Lacan’s méconnaissance and Sartre’s mauvaise foi


Dimitri Van Puymbroeck (Private Practice, Belgium)

The Subject and the Lie: Clinical Implications of Lacan’s L-schema



Emma Ingala Gómez

Gabriel Tupinambá (PUC-Rio, Brazil) – via skype

Modeling and its Vicissitudes: A Critique of Lacanian Ideology


Samo Tomsic (Humboldt-Universität, Germany)

Critical Epistemology and The Problem of Resistance


Cindy Zeiher (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

What Does Science do to the Subject?



Rosa De Geest

Mattias Desmet (Ghent University, Belgium)

A Walk on the Graph


Eline Trenson (Ghent University, Belgium)

The Importance of Being Allowed to Suffer – A Clinical Case


Ellen Bisschop (Ghent University, Belgium)

Wendy Dossche ((Ghent University, Belgium)


The Subversion of the Subject: A Clinical Reading




Gregory Trotter

David Schrans (Ghent University, Belgium)

The Birth of the Symbolic


Marco Ferrari (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy)

To use Hegel’s term against and with him. Towards a Lacanian

(underlying) Hegelianism


Adrian Ortiz (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentinia)

À propos d’Interventions sur le transfert



Dries Dulsster

Hub Zwart (Radboud Universiteit, the Netherlands)

The four discourses and the Möbius-Ring: Lacan’s Diagnostics of Contemporary Technoscience


Millar Isabel (Kingston School of Art, UK)

Algorithmic Extimacy: Enjoyment in the Age of Ordinary Psychosis


Jan de Vos (Independent researcher, Belgium)

Interpassivity going digital. Or, will object a be digitalized?





Parallel sessions (5 rooms – 3 papers/20 min + discussion)


Chair: Jan Devos

Damien Scolari (Côte d’Azur University, France)

A Lacanian Rereading of Beckett’s Work


Josephine Sharoni (University of Kent, UK)

Écrits and Literature: The Freudian Thing and Fantasy of Fiction


Alexander Venetis (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

The “Occulted Signifier”: Jacques Lacan’s Critique of André Breton’s Notion of the Metaphor


Chair: Hub Zwart

Maysa Puccinelli (Brasilia University, Brazil)

Cinéma dans le miroir: Le stade du mirroir comme formateur du récit


Ronald Bahamondes Àlvarez (Universidad Diego Portales, Chile)

Some Reflections on Femininity and the Mirror Stage


Dana Tor (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Stepping out of the Mirror: The Role of Shifters in Anne Sexton’s Poem “The Double Image”


Chair: Joachim Cauwe

Marleen Stevens & Dirk Bryssinck (Villa Voortman, Belgium)

On the Pitfalls and Perils of Publishing/Poubellication: some lessons from the field


Mahitosh Mandal (Presidency University, India)

Academic Pedagogy versus Clinical Praxis: A Critique of the Concept of “Teaching” in Lacan


Deniz Coral (University of Minnesota, USA)

Écrits and the Library; or, the Purloined Book


Chair: Isabel Millar


Dries Dulsster (Ghent University, Belgium)

Function and Field: A Qualitative Study


Matthew Oyer (Icahn School of Medicine, USA)

Funhouse Mirrors: Lacan and the Concept and Treatment of Personality


Amanda Diserholt (Edinburg Napier University, UK)

Fatigue as the Unconscious Refusal of the Other’s Demand



Samo Tomsic

Grzegorz Michalik (Maria Curie-Slodowksa University, Poland)

Knowledge and Truth: Towards Psychoanalytic Epistemology


Alma Buholzer (Kingston University London, UK)

Suture, the Rational and the Real: A Reading of Lacan’s “Science and Truth”


Aino-Marjatta Mäki (Kingston University, UK)

Psychoanalysis After Finitude


14.45- 15.45:

Keynote Adrian Johnston (University of New Mexico, USA)

God is Undead: The Invisible Hand Rises from The Grave

Chair: Ariane Bazan (Université Libre de Bruxelles)



Keynote Patricia Gherovici (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Dr. Lacan, we have a situation here! 62 Years of Resistance

Chair:  Reitske Meganck (Ghent University)



coffee break


17.15- 18.00

Keynote Bruce Fink (private practice, USA & France)

What Makes Translating Lacan so Difficult



Diner with party afterwards

Saturday 22 september




Keynote Paul Verhaeghe (Ghent University)

On the Position of the Unconscious

Chair: Calum Neill (Edinburgh Napier University)




Coffee break




Parallel sessions (5 rooms – 3 papers/20 min + discussion)



Cindy Zeiher

Gregory A. Trotter (Marquette University, USA)

Unconscious Structure in Sartre and Lacan


Gavin Rae (Universidad Carlos II de Madrid, Spain)

Questioning the Phallus: Jacques Lacan and Judith Butler


Jan Simončič (Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Slovenia)

Partisans of Psychoanalysis


Chair: Oliver Harris

Carlos Gómez-Camarena (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico)

Psychoanalysis as Science of the Singular : The Logical Foundations of Science in the First Lacan and its Resonances with the Last Lacan


Emma Ingala (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

Lacan’s Transcendental Philosophy: Between the Singular and the Universal


Chair: Loren Dent

Antoni Grzybowski (Jagiellonian University, Poland)

Taking Responsibility for the Presence of the Unconscious: Ethics of Psychoanalytic Practice in the “Position of the Unconscious”


Rodrigo Farías Rivas (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

The Death Drive Écrit: From the Aporetics of the Biological to the Challenges of the Ethical


Giacomo Croci (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Desire and Second-Natural Life: Lacan and Post-Analytic Thought



Pietro Bianchi


Chenyang Wang (Birckbeck University, UK)

Time Against Logic: Real Time as a Critique of Intersubjectivity in Lacan’s “Logical Time” Essay


Arka Chattopdhyay (Indian Institute of Technology, India)

Logical Space in Lacan’s Purloined Letter


Rosa De Geest (Ghent University, Belgium)

Time Limited Therapy vs Temps Logique



Chair: Tamar Gerstenhaber

Sigi Jöttkandt (UNSW, Australia)

Post-interpretation and the Climate Change Imaginary: Nabokov’s Lettrocalamity


Keren Shafir (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

The Function and Field of Language and the Poetics of Mourning


Paul Earlie (University of Bristol, UK)

Psychoanalysis and Rhetoric: From Freud to Lacan






14.00- 15.00:

Parallel sessions (5 rooms – 3 papers/20 min + discussion)


Chair: Junior Ingouf

Laura Chernaik (Site for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, UK)

Body Symptoms as Return in the Real


Deborah Klajnman (Université Côte d’Azur, France)

The Extraction of the Object and the Notion of Psychic Reality in Neurosis and Psychosis


Alireza Taheri (Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Canada)

Specter of Madness: On the Identity-in-Difference of Insanity and Being-Human



Evi Verbeke (Ghent University, Belgium)

Lacan on Agressiveness


Goedele Hermans (Ghent University, Belgium)




Pietro Bianchi (Duke University, USA)

The Killing of a Sacred Thing. On Verneinung, Negation and Other (Mathematical) Related Matters


Hilda Fernandez Alvarez (Simon Fraser University, Canada)

From the Signifier to the Letter: The Process of Residual Inscription


Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

The Precariousness of Reality



Chair: Sigi Jöttkandt

Loren Dent (Lenox Hill Hospital, USA)

The Tripe Butcher


Diego Semerene (Oxford Brookes University, UK)

Crafting The Impenetrable Body All Over Again: Digital Masculinity as Aggressive Response to Trauma


Nicol Thomas (Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis, Australia)

What’s Lack Got to Do with it? Deus-ex-Machina and the Betrayal of Desire




Oliver Harris (Institute of Continuing Education Cambridge, UK)

Antiquity in the Écrits


Tamar Gerstenhaber (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Upon the Wounded Hour




Coffee break



15u15- 16.15:

Keynote Ed Pluth (California State University, USA)

Lacan, Psychoanalysis, and the Subject of Science

Chair: Mattias Desmet (Ghent University)




Keynote Eve Watson (IICP College, Ireland)

The Shine of Absences: Lacan’s Remarks on the Feminine in the Fifties

Chair: Hilda Fernandez Alvarez (Simon Fraser University)